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Salia Sounds imprint launches with Wiguez and Paul Cortez’s debut single ‘La Decisión’

Rapper Wiguez and producer Paul Cortez have united forces to unveil their inaugural single ‘La Decisión’ under the freshly minted Salia Sounds label. Hailing from Seville, Spain, these artists are spearheading an electrifying collaboration emerging from the vibrant urban Latin pop music scene. Released on June 12, 2024, their track is poised for a resounding impact. ‘La Decisión’ unfolds as…

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Thy Young shares a warm new single, ‘Cocoa (Coco)’

Sierra Leonean producer Thy Young, also known as Francis Tiffa Williams, dropped his fifth single ‘Cocoa (Coco)’ via Survival Records LLC on May 31, 2024. This track, praised by Music In Africa, precedes his upcoming album Scent of Amie, set to launch on June 14, 2024. Recognized as one of Sierra Leone’s top producers, Thy Young has worked with numerous…

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Charlie Puth, Tatum Gale, Sam Smith

Musician Tatum Gale shares disco-infused song ‘Botanical Babe’

Songwriter/producer Tatum Gale announces his debut album, Pretty Green, with the single “Botanical Babe.” An infectiously fun, groovy houseplant-centered jam, “Botanical Babe” offers a glimpse of what to expect from Gale: wonderfully creative and innovative electronic art pop tracks full of life, textures, and personality.Peppered with analog flavored disco beats and a chorus featuring a lengthy and impressive list of…

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Charlie Puth, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers

Electronic duo The Chainsmokers address unhealthy relationships with song iPad

The road to their new album continues as The Chainsmokers release their second single of the year, “iPad. Written exclusively by Alex and Drew, “iPad” arrives alongside an official video, directed by Kid Studio, that follows Drew throughout New York City as he navigates the multitude of conflicting emotions that follow ending an unhealthy relationship. “Sometimes you let go just…

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Interpol, Placebo, Depeche Mode, Tee Dee Dees

Indie-synth pop outfit Tee Dee Dees releases ‘Slim Bears’

Tee Dee Dees has just released his new single ‘Slim Bears’ – a secure, self-aware synth-pop offering from Ori Mark, the man behind the moniker. Stream / Download ‘Slim Bears’ The track is an idiosyncratic and unrepentant emotional experience that cohesively traverses between the frustrated and cynical, and the rebellious and defiant. Tinged with dark elements akin to the gothic…

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Pop trio KARMACODA share yet another elegant music video

Award-winning sophisticated pop trio KARMACODA have a history of making stunning videos, with multiple layers and mean enfolded within them. Director Hirokawa Hayashida stepped forward to assist with the creation of the complex video for ‘Unglued’ which was shot in their home base of San Fransisco as well as the animated video for ‘Blue’, which would go on to win…

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