Tee Dee Dees has just released his new single ‘Slim Bears’ – a secure, self-aware synth-pop offering from Ori Mark, the man behind the moniker.

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The track is an idiosyncratic and unrepentant emotional experience that cohesively traverses between the frustrated and cynical, and the rebellious and defiant. Tinged with dark elements akin to the gothic romance and angsty sound of Placebo, ‘Slim Bears’ is one of those tracks that keeps giving with repeated listens.

Tee Dee Dees gives some insight: “I have all kinds of non-realistic dreams, like starting a community in the desert – a lot of music, some sixties atmosphere, some Buddhism, I don’t know. Stupid dreams. In the end, I find it hard to keep close relationships even with my loved ones. I guess this song suggests to make some efforts and keep your circle close before choosing to be alone”.

The track is lifted from his upcoming album 1^2=1 which is slated for release in 2022.

Slim Bears’ features on the Spotify playlist INDIE_GROUND.fm

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     Image credit: Nir Arieli