Salia Sounds imprint launches with Wiguez and Paul Cortez’s debut single ‘La Decisión’

Rapper Wiguez and producer Paul Cortez have united forces to unveil their inaugural single ‘La Decisión’ under the freshly minted Salia Sounds label. Hailing from Seville, Spain, these artists are spearheading an electrifying collaboration emerging from the vibrant urban Latin pop music scene. Released on June 12, 2024, their track is poised for a resounding impact.

‘La Decisión’ unfolds as a poignant Latin pop anthem, delving into the anguish of a romantic breakup. Through Cortez’s emotive verses, listeners are immersed in a narrative of heartfelt yearning and the struggle to move forward. His lyrical prowess vividly captures the tumultuous emotions of love’s demise, showcasing a profound ability for emotional expression. Working behind the scenes, the versatile Wiguez lends his expertise, renowned for seamlessly blending flamenco nuances into an array of musical genres, including Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and Trap. Their collaboration masterfully encapsulates the essence of heartbreak, with Cortez’s potent lyrics harmonizing seamlessly with Wiguez’s evocative beats, already gaining momentum among DJs worldwide.

The accompanying music video serves to deepen the emotional resonance of ‘La Decisión’, offering a visually immersive experience that amplifies the song’s themes. Centered around intricate interpersonal dynamics, the video aims to forge a profound connection with audiences, complementing the raw sentiments expressed in the song’s lyrics and melody.

Salia Sounds co-owner Tommie Keeston shared: “We’re super excited to be launching an imprint that fully supports the vibrant Urban latin music scene. The team have all serviced the industry for many years under different guises and now they bring forward a great skill set to help drive and showcase the amazing talent coming through… Starting with the first release Paul Cortez, Wiguez – La Decisión we aim to make a major impact on the industry and support artists and producers that truly deserve to break through.”

Supported by prominent DJs worldwide, this release, characterized by its powerful bass-driven vibe and infectious commercial melody, is poised to catapult the label and its community forward in 2024. It solidifies Salia Sounds’ standing in the swiftly-expanding Latin music arena, both domestically in the U.S. and on the global stage.

With a myriad of fresh new releases on the horizon from some of the most exciting names in the urban Latin music scene, Salia Sounds is undoubtedly the label to watch this year. Starting with the breakout single ‘La Decisión’ this track is poised to win favour with influential channels, radio stations, and media outlets worldwide. 

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