Italian producer Matilde Davoli has released Home, her new LP via Loyal To Your Dreams. Already having been received with rave reviews, the album fuses a plethora of styles and genres.

“Home has been a process of emotional and musical discovery, I wanted to create a mix of atmospheric jazz, pop and electronic, experiment with song structure and with my limits” she says.

The LP was created after Davoli began to explore her own sense of belonging. Torn between Italy and England, the album is a sonic exploration of both places.

Opening with spacious arrangements and a laid-back beat on ‘Intro’, the album continues into the slightly disjointed but interestingly cerebral ‘Sine.’ The soothing lyrics of title track ‘Home’ lull the listener into submission before leading into the scintillating synthy sound of ‘Glitch At Dark.’ Showstopper ‘Il Coraggio di Provare’ is the only Italian track on the LP, and was released alongside a stunning, cinematic video. The album continues to ‘Devotion’, an upbeat textured offering, and ‘Midinight’ with its electronic idiosyncrasies. The energy of the city is almost tangible on ‘An Intimate Chat With London’, while ‘No More Place For Me’ carefully teeters between melancholia and sheer beauty.

“I don’t like being tied to a specific music genre, which means trouble when someone asks me what I do. It’s many homes in one” she says.

Listen to the full album here

Home LP Tracklist:

1. Intro

2. Sine

3. Home

4. Glitch At Dark

5. Il Coraggio di Provare

6. Devotion

7. Midinight

8. An Intimate Chat With London

9. No More Place For Me

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    Image credit: Charlie Davoli