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Today R&B duo ELIS NOA have shared their long-anticipated album I Was Just About To Leave via Las Vegas Records, and let’s just say you may need a minute of privacy to gather your thoughts after listening to each pensive and engrossing track. Previously capturing our attention with the emotionally touching song ‘Weights’ (read our previous feature here), the duo would follow up with this with another hit in our books – ‘Mad About You’. 

Stream/Download: I Was Just About To Leave LP

Along with the album release, the band have also shared an official music video for featured album song ‘Mad About You’. With lyrics that speak on the emotionally taxing aspects of relationships that are not good for your heart and mind, the video displays the dire consequences that can result from this. 

ELIS NOA elaborate on the album’s meaning:  “I Was Just About To Leave is a concept album. We wanted to describe the process of letting go and the journey that comes with that. Each song of the album musically explores every step of that process, from moments of resistance all the way to acceptance. Letting go of a person, a job, a friendship, an idea or a fantasy, doesn’t happen in a singular moment. It usually takes time, there is a lot of back and forth that happens before you decide to move and maybe open up for something new. “I Was Just About To Leave“ is a sentence many of us use to calm ourselves, even though we know it’s still a long road ahead.”

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