Allow the gentle saxophone tones of ELIS NOA’s latest single, ‘Weights’ to make their way across your mind and into your soul. The live video is quickly gaining momentum, having earned over 52 000 views since its release just a few days ago. The single causes the listener to re-evaluate their relationships, one poetic lyric at a time. 

Stream/ download: ‘Weights’

ELIS NOA have previously released their successful debut LP, What Do You Desire? as well two EPs, High EP and Love Letters. This single marks the move towards their sophomore LP, I Was Just About To Leave which will be released in May with a live show to kick off their festivities in their home town of Austria. 

“Our latest single, ‘Weights’ is a song about indecisiveness and struggle. You want the other to be close to you but you constantly feel drained because of their avoidant behaviour and how they make you feel by pushing you away. ‘Weights’ shows feelings of warmth but also the inner fight that even though you’d be willing to give your all, it’ll never be reciprocated.” – ELIS NOA tell us about the inspiration behind their single. 

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  Image credit: Dominik Friess