With their debut single ‘Sube El Nivel’ Vale!ULB made an emphatic entrance into the Latin music scene, and now, they’re elevating their infectious sound to new heights with the release of the ‘Sube El Nivel’ salsa remix. Produced by the esteemed four-time Grammy Award winner Juan Mario “Mayito” Aracil, this remix maintains the vibrant energy of the original track while infusing it with traditional salsa elements, creating a truly addictive sonic experience. Comprised of Valeria “Val” Vargas, Darius “Deezle” Harrison, Anier Alonso, Emiliano Torres, and Alberto “Friki” Torres, Vale!ULB has quickly distinguished itself through catchy melodies, driving beats, and lyrics that resonate with audiences on a deeply personal level.

Stream – ‘Sube El Nivel’ Salsa Remix

‘Sube El Nivel’ served as Vale!ULB’s introduction to the Latin music landscape, empowering listeners with its message of self-elevation and celebration of life. The track’s infectious chorus and irresistible groove have earned the band a dedicated fan base, drawn to their ability to create music that inspires movement and joy. With the release of the salsa remix, Vale!ULB pays homage to the roots of salsa music while infusing their signature style, resulting in a track that not only captivates salsa aficionados but also appeals to music lovers worldwide. Produced by Mayito Aracil, the remix introduces blaring horns and pulsating live drums, seamlessly blending traditional salsa instrumentation with Vale!ULB’s modern flair.

‘Sube El Nivel’ Salsa Remix marks the next chapter in Vale!ULB’s musical journey, promising an exciting series of upcoming releases that continue to push boundaries and defy expectations. As they invite audiences to join them on this exhilarating ride, Vale!ULB proves once again that their music transcends genres and resonates with listeners on a universal level. To experience the magic of Vale!ULB firsthand and stay updated on their latest releases, fans are encouraged to visit valeulb.com and embark on a musical adventure like no other.

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