For fifteen years, ElectroPop duo Charel Geimer and Bert Jung have crafted music together. After taking an unforeseen break due to pressures from the global pandemic, they’re back with a new approach. Their new sound is bolder, more experimental and outrageously energetic. On this self-titled EP, released 27th October, tropical French House beats shine, interspersed with acoustic ballads and brass horns. As no strangers to the stage, ALFALFA hopes to set aflame dance floors and hearts alike with their uplifting energies. 

Designed to get everyone dancing, the new ALFALFA EP brings the heat, and they are just getting warmed up. Oscillating between club rhythms and acoustic melodies, the group’s new offering connects global audiences to their own sense and surroundings. For fans of Milky Chance’s acoustic licks, tracks like ‘Too Many Maybes’ elicit bright indie-pop jams whilst those who prefer Polo and Pan’s sparkling dance floor hits, can look forward to ‘Head Under Water’. ALFALFA’s new EP marries rich pop progressions with effervescent electronic elegies. Guaranteed to start and sustain any party.

“The EP is kind of a musical diary, capturing emotions, challenges, and growth we faced during lockdown times. We want to express our creativity, resilience, and the bond we share that fuels our passion for making music together,” says ALFALFA.


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