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Electrifying Acoustic Pop Duo ALFALFA Ignites the Airwaves with New EP

For fifteen years, ElectroPop duo Charel Geimer and Bert Jung have crafted music together. After taking an unforeseen break due to pressures from the global pandemic, they’re back with a new approach. Their new sound is bolder, more experimental and outrageously energetic. On this self-titled EP, released 27th October, tropical French House beats shine, interspersed with acoustic ballads and brass…

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Alømelí’s poignant testimony to the border experience in her eclectic new single  ‘La Frontera’

London-based Alømelí released her single ‘La Frontera’ (‘The Frontier’) on the 15th of September 2023 via Kareliona Records LTD. Growing up in Sonora, a Mexican border state neighboring Arizona in the US, Alømelí had firsthand experience with the complexities of legal crossings and the harrowing tales of those who attempted illegal crossings. Bearing witness to this left a lasting impression…

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Pop singer iris shares enigmatic acoustic version of song ‘push,don’t push’

Image credits: Nisju Films iris is Norway’s most visionary young songwriter, and earlier this year she released her incredible and moving debut LP love and other disasters. To celebrate the release of the vinyl version of the album, iris is bringing you an acoustic retelling of the opening track, “push, don’t push”. It’s out now on GEMS/Warner Music Norway. Stream:…

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