Rising American singer/songwriter Roshedah Parkman aka UV Rose, is back with her latest track, ‘Living Life’, released on the 8th of September. UV Rose, which stands for UltraVibe, perfectly encapsulates the out-of-this-world energy and passion that she brings to her music. Originally from the east coast and now residing in Los Angeles, the up-and-coming singer has been pursuing her dream of becoming a music artist since the tender age of 8. Navigating the realms of hip-hop, rap, pop, and R&B, she is undoubtedly carving out her own distinctive path in the music scene. 

Living Life’ is optimistic, catchy and bubbling with youthful vigor. With a hip-hop beat and plush tropical house-like chords and melodies, it’s infectious and radio-ready. Seamlessly drifting from Pop to Hip Hop,  UV Rose shows off her vocal prowess through some resplendent singing , as well as through well delivered rap verses.

With its infectious energy and positive message, ‘Living Life’ encourages listeners to break free from distractions and focus on pursuing their dreams and goals. Its loaded with confidence, as the young singer struts her stuff, un-afraid of holding back.


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