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Up-and-coming singer UV Rose inspires and illuminates on ‘Living Life’.

Rising American singer/songwriter Roshedah Parkman aka UV Rose, is back with her latest track, ‘Living Life’, released on the 8th of September. UV Rose, which stands for UltraVibe, perfectly encapsulates the out-of-this-world energy and passion that she brings to her music. Originally from the east coast and now residing in Los Angeles, the up-and-coming singer has been pursuing her dream…

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Music duo Re.decay release ‘Sun In The Morning’ music video

If I can mention one thing that this global pandemic and technology have created, it is definitely more innovative ways of doing business in terms of film production. After watching the new Re.decay video I am completely mesmerized at how cohesive the video is.  Blog Sound Labyrinth shares their comment on the Re.decay music video, “Filmed under extraordinary circumstances, Re.decay has presented…

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