Now admittedly we normally focus on the pop side of music but there’s a simple truth in life: when the music’s good, it’s relatable to just about everyone. Take Cujo Moon’s latest single, for instance, which has just been released and will have you singing along in no time. ‘In The Stars’ is deeply authentic as it recognises the hardships of adulthood while also coating them in a glimmer of hope. The accompanying cinematic lyric video also speaks volumes. 

Stream / Download: ‘In The Stars’

The single appears on Cujo Moon’s upcoming EP, Horizons which is slated to be released in just 3 weeks – on the 3rd of June. The artist has been very open about his thoughts on mental health and the importance it carries. We’d encourage you to check out the recent interview he had with The Playground, whether they discussed the single, the impact music has had on his life and the upcoming EP. The “Diva Dog” Sadie acts as a cherry on top of the insightful interview. 

“This song wrote itself in about 20 minutes on Christmas Eve of last year. I had just spent some time with my folks and should have been feeling joyful but I was back home, alone, and overwhelmed by a sense of sadness. It started out on acoustic guitar but a couple of months later, I wrote some parts on my old upright piano and loved how it shifted the mood to be more hopeful. It’s about that jaded feeling of growing older where you’re not as enamoured by the activities that used to bring you joy. It just hit me at that moment while staring at my record player collecting dust.”

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   Image credit: Rachel Deeb