Italian musician, Leon Seti, announces the release of his emotive dreamscaped single, “If Only”.  Expansive instrumentals and vocals soar, representing the hope to fly free like a bird in the midst of mental illness. As if set in a magical forest, sonic textures resemble tiny little wings fluttering. 

“If Only” is an entirely electronic song about wanting to escape from a toxic situation where, if you leave, the other person suffers. It’s like a tug of war between wanting to leave and the other person pulling you back. If only it was possible to leave and not feel guilty.

Seti says, “A loved one suffers from mental illness and I wrote this song about our relationship. It’s very difficult to love a person when all they do is hurt you inadvertently. When I’m there I feel trapped and when I’m not home I have nightmares. So it’s like never really feeling happy anywhere. Mental illnesses are like anchors sometimes. They truly trap you and your loved ones in a loop.”

Lyrics like, “You’re like an overdue snow in the spring/And you’re covering everything” poetically pillar the impact of mental illness. Untreated depression truly covers everything, like snow, indiscriminately. 

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