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If you are a lover of all things related to the ‘80s or just like catchy lyrics that tug at the heartstrings, then At 1980’s song ‘We Were on Fire’ should be an easy addition to your expertly curated playlist. The duo consists of ‘80s music and culture boffin’s Adrian Quesada Michelena and Josh Dally who have been leaving us with no choice but to play their latest album Late Night Calls via NewRetroWave on repeat with its nostalgia vibe. It’s a feel-good and adventure fuelled work that speaks on the highs and lows of life and its many obstacles. 

Stream/ Download: Late Night Calls LP

The duo draws inspiration from the man of charming sounds – Bryan Adams and the renowned electronic band The Midnight. The results are a lovely mix of new school meets old school alternative electronic sounds and we couldn’t be more delighted as the ‘80s  still rule our speakers and the general media. Part At 1980 duo member Josh Dally has also worked with renowned synthwave acts that are still as ‘80s obsessed like FM-84 and Timecop 1983. 

The duo’s single ‘We Were on Fire’ sounds like it featured on a top-notch ‘80s adventure flick and we just want to go and chase any adventure that comes our way after listening to this stellar track. This whole album is a fusion of emotions but the overall ambience is uplifting. 

Listen to the Late Night Calls LP on Spotify here

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