The Green Children, better known as TGC are back with the latest song ‘Summon Our Love’ and let’s just say it is dreamy as it is hopeful. They previously left us in awe with the track ‘Sophie’, a transcending listen from beginning to end. Spreading messages of hope and positivity with their music, TGC is the dream team we never knew we needed on our playlist. Can’t get enough of listening to ‘Summon Our Love’ or ‘Sophie’? Neither can we, and we wait with bated breath for TGC’s album release Parallels. The album will be unveiled on the 8th of July via Illuminated City.

Stream/Download:‘Summon Our Love’

Previously featured on Phuture Life with song ‘Sophie’, we commented: “In search of an electro-pop gem that will make you feel inspired by its mystical enthusiasm? Look no further than the latest song ‘Sophie’ from electronic duo TGC. This magical single brings light and joy that diverts from the dark haze the past year has draped over us all. This track serves as a new chapter for us, somewhat like we are turning the page on 2020. This is the song we need that opens the window to new joy and possibilities ahead.”

‘Summon Our Love’ speaks on giving love a second try. This is an endearing listen for the hopeless romantic and dreamer guaranteed. TGC has crafted an electro-pop sound that leaves one wanting to be better than yesterday. ‘Summon Our Love’ though a song about romantic love also touches on the ego and not letting pride keep you from reaching out to the ones you desire to be in touch with.

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