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Dynamic duo 2smile unveil a tender tribute to a dear friend with ‘Tribute To Frikkyo’

French DJ duo 2smile made a poignant comeback on March 29th, 2024 with their newest single, ‘Tribute To Frikkyo’, honouring the late DJ Da Frikkyo, an iconic figure in the Italian hard techno scene. With a repertoire of over 100 unreleased tracks, seamlessly blending genres and incorporating global music elements, 2smile consistently delivers top-notch, dancefloor-ready hits, bolstered by their dynamic…

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Bewitching indie pop duo pecq share ‘Too Far Gone’ music video

Leading Oxford-based duo pecq share new single ‘Too Far Gone’, thefollow-up to ‘Over and Over’ and ‘Brittle’, released last September and October respectively. Fusing their illustrious penchant for pulsating alt-pop motifs with gorgeous, velvet-smooth vocals, a wide range of crisp instrumentation and bubbling, synthesized atmospherics, this new single sees the pairing (real names Nikò O’Brien and Hannah ‘Jakes’ Jacobs) at…

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Emerging synth pop duo Paupière release album Safe Sati

Photo Cred: Gladu Drouin Montreal-based Paupière shared their album Sade Sati, which features a track of the same name. Brooklyn Vegan premiered the track, praising it as a “gleaming, anthemic title track that owes a little to Tubeway Army but feels very modern at the same time.”  Stream/Download ‘Sade Sati’ Now led by Julia Daigle (visual artist) and Pierre-Luc Bégin…

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In conversation with pop-punk duo Atwood

Image by: Luca Misuraca Releasing their debut EP At Odds in 2018, Milan-based pop-punk duo Atwood has released new single ‘Out Of The Blue’. This release will feature on their second EP set for release in the months to come.  Blending pop, rock, and synth embellishments to their sound, the band shows that they are a force to be explored,…

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In conversation with collaborative electronic music duo Snowk

Image credit: Kodai Kobayashi Collaborative music duo Snowk has released their firey single ‘Under The Moon ft.J.Lamotta’ ahead of their upcoming album release Powder (22nd January 2021) via Namy& Records and Warner Japan. The team consists of Japanese musicians Namy and Fuminori Kagajo who both originate from the “Snow country”, hence the motivating factor of the eye-catching name Snowk. Their…

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In conversation with renowned Indie-pop duo Leyya

Austrian-born indie-pop dream team Sophie Lindigner and Marco Kleebauer a.k.a Leyya have released their latest single ‘The Paper’ via Minor Changes. This is their latest release to date after a two-year hiatus as a duo. ‘The Paper’ is lyrical poetry that speaks to our generation that has experienced the pandemic and the many challenges that it has presented; from our…

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Indie pop duo CLAVVS share vibrant music video for ‘Dance In Place’

Photo Cred: Lissyelle Laricchia CLAVVS share their new song “Dance In Place” via Under the Radar. Infectious and radically joyous, the video features the electro-pop duo dancing across their neighborhood in Brooklyn, ultimately meeting up together to dance it out. “Dance In Place” is an exercise in unbridled happiness and self-acceptance, an upbeat anthem in the face of an often…

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