Singer & songwriter Beach Tiger’s song ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ made us think about diving off of cliffs with its feel-good and energetic indie rock appeal. Last week, the singer shared his album Yenta and it is sure to give you an endorphin rush like its predecessor. The album was worked on by several noteworthy industry names, including master engineer Kevin Peterson who has worked with the likes of  globally renowned talents like Camello Cabello and King Princess

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Kicking off with laidback guitar riffs on ‘Run Away’, one immediately pictures cruising down the road on a warm summer evening with your closest pals having casual banter about the trivial events of your life that are actually a big deal. It an energetic opener that does not overwhelm the mind with noisy guitar riffs. ‘Mr Rockstar’ carries similar energy to ‘Run Away’ but is packed with more attitude and riff action which is a perfect warmer for the confrontational track ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’. The rest of the album takes a calmer tone involving sentiments of caring for your loved ones in the good and bad times. Providing that feel-good and carefree energy of familiar retro rock hits, Beach Tiger shares an album that is an essential serotonin boost for days that make no sense at all. Themes of love and self-love drive this entire album, leading the mind to float on a cloud of utter bliss & warmth. 

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Image credit: Honey Trap