Image Credit: Victor Le

Irresistible beats exist and they can be found in Prince Paris’ latest release, ‘Slow Down’ featuring the Canadian songstress Willa – made public today via Physical Presents. A tribute to that unstoppable energy when you meet someone new, the single is the driving force that will take us into summer, tempt us into infinity pools and provide those sugary drinks that create the best and worst choices. 

Stream/ Download: ‘Slow Down ft. Willa’

Willa tells us her thoughts on the single: “This song is about the intoxicating feeling of when you meet someone you KNOW is dangerous for your heart, but there’s no way you’re going to slow things down despite that. The ultimate rush.” 

Prince Paris seems to have a talent for finding exception singers, as his previous two singles show. ‘Last Chance’ with singer Ben Duffy carries a smooth french-electro finish while ‘Ordinary Fools’ with Claire Ridgely is yet another catchy love song. While we hear rumours swirling about a few more releases in the pipelines, really all we can do is sit and wait in anticipation. Luckily, we have the simply delicious ‘Slow Down ft. Willa’ keep us tied over.

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