UK acoustic folk duo, Burr Island, released their first album, Days Dreamt, on July 5th through Left Foot Records. The album, produced by Steve Cradock and mastered by Julian Lowe (known for his work with Jamiroquai and Massive Attack), marks a significant milestone for the band. Consisting of best friends Tom England and Oskar Porter, Burr Island has garnered praise from music legends such as Robert Plant and Noel Gallagher. Their initial four releases have amassed 250,000 streams collectively across various platforms, indicating a bright future ahead for the duo.

Stream/Download: Burr Island – Days Dreamt

Days Dreamt emerges as a divine and tender ode to 60s folk, seamlessly weaving nostalgia into the contemporary music scene. The duo’s distinctive, lilting vocals captivate listeners from the opening notes to the final chord, creating a musical journey that is both delicate and emotionally resonant. Supported by a talented ensemble of instrumentalists, the album unfolds with a delicate yet powerful sonic tapestry, where each track offers a thematic depth that explores the intricacies of human experience. Days Dreamt marks a triumphant debut anthology for Burr Island, showcasing their ability to blend intricate storytelling with rich, evocative soundscapes that linger long after the music fades.

Burr Island shared: “We are very excited to offer this to the world. A debut record feels like a bit of a landmark and it feels like we squeezed every inch of our creativity into making it. This album is born out of a decade of friendship, it highlights our love for the natural world, includes an existential questioning and a long for the divine, and rejoices in the beauty of friendship and a gratitude for the lives we’ve led so far. We’d also like to thank everyone who made this possible, particularly the wonderful musicians who all added so much to the record, to Julian Lowe, our mastering engineer, and most of all, to our producer, Steve Cradock, and his wife Sally, who have worked tirelessly, taking on this project as if it was their own. We’ll be forever grateful for your boundless support and generosity.”

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