Hailing from Virginia, emerging singer-songwriter Annah Marcelle has released her new single, ‘Mars’ – an exploration of self-identity and the pursuit of new horizons. Written in January 2023, the track serves as the first preview of Annah Marcelle’s upcoming five-song EP, Aftermath. The collection of songs depicts an emotional journey through the aftermath of devastating heartbreak. With a new track being released every six weeks, the final song is set to be released in Fall 2024.

Teaming up with Nashville-based producer Kara Greskovic, Annah traveled to Music City for the first time last summer to embrace the city’s burgeoning creativity and record the full EP. With this new release, Annah delves into the delicate balance between aspiration and contentment. Annah found inspiration for ‘Mars’ in the enigmatic allure of the red planet and its parallels to the complexities of human relationships. 

Reflecting on the song’s theme, she shares, “I’ve always thought the idea of people wanting to go to Mars was intriguing and crazy. That would definitely be out of my comfort zone! It made me realize that leaving your life behind to go to Mars is a lot like losing yourself and your identity for a person or relationship.”

Listen to the track…