Plain Mister Smith continues to captivate listeners with his latest single, ‘Grade Five and the Axe’ (feat. Findlay Brown), released on February 9th via Popoganda Records. Known for his clever songwriting and emotive indie-folk style, the former Moev guitarist now plays cello for the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra. As Plain Mister Smith, his music has gained notable recognition from publications like CLASH Mag, NOTION Mag, Under The Radar Mag, EARMILK, NOCTIS Mag, METAL Mag, and Atwood Mag.

‘Grade Five and the Axe’ is an indie-folk track that charmingly recalls youthful mischief. The blend of acoustic guitar, expressive cello, atmospheric strings, and simple folk-rock drums weaves a narrative, complemented by the playful vocals of Plain Mister Smith and Findlay Brown. It’s a whimsical ode to preteen shenanigans with a nursery-rhyme feel.

Plain Mister Smith revealed: “Kids get up to crazy things.  A blurry memory of getting drunk in the woods in Grade Five while a friend swung an axe around, and maybe at some point believing the axe has splintered me in two…”

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