Alt pop singer-songwriter magenta unveiled a new single, it’s all beginning’, on January 19th, 2024. The Toronto-based musician has collaborated with various artists and producers, including her successful collaboration with French electro chill-pop artist Lonely in the Rain on ‘Over and Over’, amassing over 1.5 million streams. magenta’s debut EP, lost in plain sight, released in March 2023, further solidified her position as an artist to watch. Now, as she gears up for the release of her sophomore EP in early 2024, magenta is offering fans a taste of what’s to come with her latest single, ‘it’s all beginning’.

Written during the transitional phase of finishing high school and preparing to start university in a new city, ‘it’s all beginning’ captures the essence of fear and excitement that comes with embracing change. Teaming up with her producer, Josh Northwood, magenta delivers potent, soaring vocals over moody and moving instrumentation.  

magenta shared: “This single encompasses the theme and driving force of my upcoming EP, an overcoming of the pain and regrets of the past as well as turning a fear of the future into excitement.

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