Seasoned producer The JLB (Jamie Bulled of the revered hyperpop group Kero Kero Bonito) has collaborated with the fellow South Londoner duo GRAVY in a new track, ‘Too Much Toosh’, released on the 20th of October 2023 via Kingdome Records. Performing in clubs from New York to Paris to Tokyo, The JLB has worked with an eclectic range of artists including The Garden, Mr Yote and Cowgirl Clue, to name a few. In August, GRAVY and The JLB launched their joint bi-monthly Post Genre Party at Spanners, an infamous South London stomping ground. GRAVY is an outfit voiced by the multifaceted artist Casper Grey, who is a producer, rapper, vocalist, writer and occasional designer. Both artists have upcoming live shows and DJ sets around the UK: GRAVY will be performing at Kingdome’s BOUDICA on November 3rd at SOUP in Manchester on a stellar line up supporting Shannen SP, Rainy Miller (Blackhaine DJ/Producer) & Ill Japonia (Bo Ningen).

‘Too Much Toosh’ was created from the artists’ desire to subvert modern music standards by tearing up the blueprint, reimagining the formula and asking themselves “at its core, what makes a banger sound original?” – especially in the chaos and dilution of music created in the age of the internet age. Their answer? “Being bold, different and good.” Unmatched contrasts and top-tier songwriting fuel the unique voice of GRAVY’s Casper Grey – paired with the unconventional sonic choices and sound palette of The JLB, this collaboration is a perfect recipe for some feverishly infectious music.

The artists proclaim that ‘Too Much Toosh’ is ‘post-genre’ – and it is indeed distinctly hard to categorize, yet you can hear many influences at play. It features Casper Grey‘s gritty rap vocals with a distinct South London accent that have been transposed to a spine-tinglingly low frequency. A filthy, creeping jungle beat awash in irregularities and syncopation makes it impossible not to move your body when listening. This passage gives way to some contrastingly ethereal vocals over a straighter club/house beat, an unexpected outro that leaves the listener in a daze. ‘Too Much Toosh’ is altogether an insanely unpredictable sonic journey, destined to shake the speakers of a massive soundsystem and send the dance floor into a frenzy.

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