The Irrepressibles have released a surprise EP titled Self Love & Acceptance on October 2, 2023 via the label Of Naked Design. This follows the release of its featured single ‘Transformation Of Acceptance’, which hit the airwaves on September 27, 2023. Manchester-based composer and singer-songwriter Jamie Irrepressible is the creative mind behind The Irrepressibles. Over the past two decades he has earned international acclaim for his compositions, collaborations with other artists and sensory-heightening live shows. With three critically acclaimed studio albums ‘Superheroes’ (2020), ‘Nude’ (2012) and ‘Mirror Mirror’ (2010), he has found international support for his indie hit singles “Most Beautiful Boy”, “Two Men In Love” and “In This Shirt”. His music, a unique flavor of cathartic orchestral pop, has garnered a whopping three billion streams across all platforms. 

‘Transformation Of Acceptance’ is intimate and deeply moving. Over its four minutes, the track delivers a slow-burn build in emotion, instrumentation and intensity. It begins with delicate pianos intimately carrying Jamie’s charged but delicate vocals. His balladry is exquisite and compelling: as the music gradually evolves into a graceful crescendo of strings, minimal electronic drums and bass, the lyrics narrate a story about a journey from self-hatred to the liberation of self-acceptance. It is beautifully vulnerable and personal, and it describes such a common human experience.

Jamie divulged: “[“Transformation of Acceptance”] is about how we learn the reasons for our issues with self esteem and then learn how to love ourselves as we would love ourselves if we were our own child. Learning to love ourselves with unconditional love which becomes the new foundation, the new roots, of the tree from which we can grow and blossom as a person.”

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