EMMI IIDA is an internationally-recognised Finnish visual artist, holistic interior architect & musician currently based in the countryside of Southern Finland. She released a new single, ‘Blooming’, on the 22nd of September 2023 via her own label EFG Records Oy. The song is accompanied by a stunning music video filmed in the Peak District of England, produced by Sebastian Luke-Virgo. The multi-facetedartist has hosted solo art exhibitions around the world, from Barcelona to Los Angelesand now seeks to translate her artistic prowess into her music, with ‘Blooming’ set as her first major official release. Accelerating her artistic momentum, the track has already gained support from notable tastemaker METAL Magazine. We chatted with the multi-modal artist below.

Walk us through your creative process?

For me having space and time for creativity is vital, creating the right atmosphere for those subtle energies to flow and to get inspired. I have two boys, who are 2 and 4, so peace and quiet is such a luxury in our household, but I try to make time for my morning rituals every day: lighting up a candle, burning palo santo and grounding incense, taking a moment for a meditation session and journaling. That truly sets the tone for the day and uplifts your vibrational levels. And that opens up the space for new ideas and songs, too.

What has been the most defining moment of your musical career? 

I opened up to the idea of creating songs about four years ago. It was all about curiosity and honouring the art form of music, as previously I had been focusing on my visual art, designing and creating clothing and interiors – I did my school for interior architecture and design. So at first, after writing down my first song, I started playing with Garageband and self-producing some sort of demos of them. I lived in Nashville at the time, for the past four years, and studied Logic Pro with an engineer for a spring, wanting to learn how to speak the same language with actual producers and learn more about the process. The eagerness of making the best versions of my songs was the defining moment of my career. I was lucky to find the talented team around me, Jessica Sharman as co-writer and producer and Femke Weidema as mixer and masterer. It’s been such an eye opening project, creating this whole album of 14 songs and I’m excited and hopeful for them to help someone with similar struggles that I’ve been going through.

What equipment or software are you using the most?

All of the instruments in the songs are produced electronically, we used Logic Pro for them. All of the songs are tuned into 432 Hz which has been shown in the studies that it improves one’s wellness levels by lowering stress, helping to get better sleep and bringing harmony instead of the constant chaos in our lives. I also studied sound healing and do sound baths with Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and koshis – sound is a great way to fall into a meditational state of mind, we’re re all vibrational beings and full of water, so that immediately takes us to peace and calm. Also the songs of this project have additional frequencies to unblock specific chakras, that are related to the themes, the deeper messages of the songs. For example, Blooming is for the sacral chakra, our sensuality and creativity, and Energy Guru is for crown chakra, our connection with it all, the oneness.

Whats your performance setup looking like?

The last time I was singing solo for an audience was with a choir as a kid, so we’ll see what kind of Beyonce level performance will unfold this time, haha.

Who are your biggest inspirations at the moment?

My kids inspire me every day. It’s fascinating to see the level of creativity when one hasn’t been programmed yet or doesn’t have any issues with self-confidence, it’s just pure joy, excitement and creation.

Whats your favourite way to pass the time? Any hobbies?

As I mentioned, I have two sons who are two and four years old, so I have no problems filling out my freetime, haha! Whenever I have time, I love to ground myself in nature, and living in the countryside of Finland helps so much with that, because as soon as you step outside you’re feeling grounded. I like to go for long nature walks with my dog and that’s when the new songs sometimes happen, too. Also I love doing pilates and sauna yoga.. and reading! I have a full library of books about spirituality, sustainable design, interiors, fashion. And loads of magazines!

Whats next for you as an artist?

I have many upcoming projects, filming music videos, producing new songs and painting for art exhibitions.. and performing the songs of this project, too! I’m excited to expand my horizons as an artist and open to see where it takes me.


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