LA-based electronic/downtempo producer Tristan De Liège has collaborated with emerging alternative jazz Quartet Jambal on their new LP Enterprises of Great Pith and Moment, released on the 15th September 2023 through Tristan De Liège X Jambal Music. De Liège’s extensive oeuvre includes three albums whose songs have been featured on major radio stations and publications, and garnered 3 million views on Spotify alone. Hailing from Luxembourg, Jambal are a jazz quartet based in Amsterdam and Dresden. The band is comprised of Arthur Clees (Vibes, Keys), Ben Bley (Trumpet, Flugelhorn) Maxime Igisch (Bass, Double Bass), and Luca Garofalo (Drums). These young jazz savants are gathering momentum in the music industry with their music being featured in webzines, earning spins on radio stations and opening for notable band Portico Quartet at Luxembourg’s cultural centre Neimënster

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Enterprises of Great Pith and Moment

Evoking images of artists like St Germain, Arms and Sleepers, Azymuth, and Ezra Collective, Enterprises of Great Pith and Moment is a nu jazz nexus of De Liège’s unassuming and delicate electronic production and Jambal’s sophisticated jazz sensibilities. While the rhythm section gently steers the music with complicated meters, it often pulls back to let the richness of the other musical elements shine through. The arrangement of the music is dynamic and engaging, moving between quiet, slow motifs and busy crescendos with ease. Overall, all 11 of the LP’s tracks showcase the outstanding musicality of each artist involved, and there is a genuine feeling of continuity and progression amongst all of the songs. 

This collaboration is very special to us, for many reasons,” the artists told us. It is Tristan’s first foray into making a jazz album with a band, and it is Jambal’s first full-length album. Jambal’s European jazz aesthetics meeting Tristan’s inspirations from living in Los Angeles and collaborating with electronic and jazz players there resulted in a beautiful and interesting synergy that was surprising and fruitful – leading to a unique set of tracks that neither would have made on their own. The pieces also have a wide range of emotional expression and narrative, showcasing the full range of both Tristan’s composing approach and Jambal’s performance and interpretation”.

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