Image credit: Cédric Weber (left) & Christian Sorensen Hansen (right)

Tristan De Liège, a Downtempo producer, is delving into new territory. With his latest collaboration, a mellow number named ‘Uncertainties’, he has dipped a toe into the ebbing waters of cool Jazz, and let the undertow carry him through to the reef of this contemporary, improve-esque composition. But since this is not his usual domain, how has he pulled this off? Well, he sought the aid of Jazz outfit Jambal Music, a collective based in Luxembourg. And the result is unmistakable in its depth and compositional rigour.

Stream / Download: Tristan De Liège X Jambal – ‘Uncertainties’

When asked about it, this new-found assembly stated: “Uncertainties was one of the last tunes of the album we finished. We initially struggled to find a direction that everyone agreed on, but eventually, through collective improvisation, the song became divided into two sections: the minimalistic instrumentation for the first half and the anthemic character in the second. The song represents the feeling of uncertainty of life when you’re making big decisions or starting new projects, and you feel a building sense of excitement but you’re not sure what the outcome will be.”

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