Image credit: JJ Jimenez

Emerging from a cloud of filtered guitar chords and textured slides is a bright voice, the voice of a budding singer who makes her debut today with her moody new singleBLUEBERRIES’. Who is the soul behind the animated and articulate voice? None other than LA-based darling Amber Jones. And with the arrival of her sunny timbre, the cloud dissipates, revealing Amber’s taboo desire.

Stream / Download: Amber Jones – ‘BLUEBERRIES’

In the song, we hear the singer make certain allusions, which if we were to talk about, might very well detract from listeners figuring them out for themselves. So then, what is the song about? “’Blueberries’ was inspired by life choices, life choices that I haven’t necessarily been proud of. Life choices that I paid emotional consequences for. But it is these choices that have led to not only maturity but a more straightedge lifestyle,” she said. That’s all the hint you’re getting. Listen to the song to find out what Amber Jones is craving.


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