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Three-piece outfit The Burma has delivered a new single to listeners’ doorsteps: ‘23’ is the first single from their second album, the name of which is yet to be announced. What we do know, however, is that the project will debut later this year, as will their first performance in London – purchase tickets.

Stream / Download: The Burma – ‘23’

The band said, “‘23’” is the first song we wrote and recorded for our second album. It’s one of those songs that came together really quickly. The song you hear now has barely changed from its initial conception, which is a rare thing for us!”

Irish vocalist Tony O Donovan, lead guitarist Peter Piggott, and drummer Cian Doherty make up the Indie Rock triple-trouble trio The Burma. The three of them have garnered the support of tastemaker publications such as Backseat Mafia and The Rolling Stone India. In their home country, their first album was the third bestselling Independent Irish Album during its first week in the hands of the public.

LISTEN: The Burma – ‘23’

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