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Independent, fearless, vocal; these words describe Leanne Tennant, or should we say LT.  Yes, that’s right. The Indie Pop diva behind ‘Rollercoaster’ has changed her name! And with the new moniker comes a new song. Wholly unapologetic, her latest offering ‘Act Your Age’, is a protest against discrimination. In it, LT defines how she was pressured to conform, but no more. LT has set herself free. She is doing things her way. No more 9 to 5. Nah, that’s in the past.

Stream / Download: LT – ‘Act Your Age’

“When you’re a kid, people are telling you to grow up and ‘act your age’ and then when you get a little older, women especially, are told they can’t behave, dress, or continue working in a variety of careers because they’re too old,” she shares. But she’s not having it. “Stuff that. I’ll act whatever age I want to,” she continues.

Listen to ‘Act Your Age’ now.

LISTEN: LT – ‘Act Your Age’

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