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Named after the wonder felt by party-goers at midnight, Magie à minuit is the title of French-Candian musician Super Plage’s new album, released with Lisbon Lux Records. A collage of seductive feminine vocals and Super Plage’s loveable charm, the LP is a house party in digital format. 

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‘La nuit (ft. Meggie Lennon, Virginie B, Laurence Camille)’ is bubbly like that one friend who sets the tone for the evening, getting everyone in the mood with their infectious attitude and buoyant smile. Pulsating bass moves listeners through happy chords and glimmering chimes.

‘Pélicans (ft. Virginie B)’ is a new romance. The undertone is flirtatious, whispering to us as if to say “I dare you”. It’s sweet, soft, and danceable.

The title track allows for a moment of reflection on the nostalgia of a memorable night with good company. Less beat-driven, at least initially, the track eases us in before dropping us in a pool of twisting tones and noise swells, summarising the theme by falling as a song featured in the centre of the tracklist, the ‘midnight’ of the album, so to speak. Whether intentional or otherwise, this is an interesting observation.

Magie à minuit Tracklist

1. +1 (ft. Virginie B, Meggie Lennon)

2. La nuit (ft. Meggie Lennon, Virginie B, Laurence Camille)

3. Forêt magique

4. Pélicans (ft. Virginie B)

5. Laurence

6. Magie à minuit

7. NYE

8. Safespace

9. Attraction 

10. Rue Dandurand (ft. Le Couleur)

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