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Self-established songwriter Jacob Lee has made his feeling known in his latest record ‘Easy For You’, which he released under his own label, Lowlyland Records, ahead of The Lowly Lyricist tour in March. Jacob’s new single conveys more than its lyrics articulate. In a sense, the record mimics the confusion one experiences during periods of emotional turmoil and the challenges of making one’s feelings known to oneself as well as to the person who caused the emotional storm to begin with. Upfront, Lee’s voice is the vocal point as if to emphasise the underlying theme of communication.

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Lee himself describes the track as somewhat ambiguous, saying, “Easy For You’ is a cryptic track that delves into the complexities of an unbalanced relationship.” The absence of an explanation gives the record a poetic quality, where we focus more on the emotions in Lee’s voice than on his words. That is, he expresses what he means without saying what he means explicitly.

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