Image credit: Bill Shupp

Fervent band KARMACODA released their brand new LP Lessons In Time and the LP focus track ‘Time Flies’ on the 28th of October under Sola Musa Music. The quintessential band boasts multiple awards throughout their musical career, particularly, the Hermes Creative Awards (Platinum) for the ‘Lo-Fi Girl’ video and ‘Make Me The One’ video which received one Unglued Music Video (Gold) to name a few.

Stream / Download:  KARMACODA – Lessons In Time LP

‘Time Flies’ soars as brightly as previous tracks by KARMACODA, and this is displayed by Jessica Ford’s velvety, maternal and commanding vocals throughout the song. Jessica’s vocal cords harmonise expertly, conveying the message of hope, solace, love and growth, which is essentially the subject matter of the song. Ultimately listeners are drawn into a gentle inner process of reflection. Consequently, from the beginning of the song to its end, listeners perceive this process to be desirable.

KARMACODA discusses the creative process in the making of the new LP with the following words: “The songs on Lessons In Time were written from reflecting on my life, looking back in time, reliving my best memories. No regrets. These songs are lessons in time. I decided it was time to tell it, not all of it, but some of the more memorable moments while resting in where I am today”.