Image Credit: Bill Shupp

Soulful band KARMACODA has uncovered their new single ‘Fire’ via Sola Musa Music, a composition that speaks to burning passions and unquenchable desires. Caught up in the heat of the moment, they took their time laying mellow melodies down on a bed of lush reverbs, creating their latest ballad ‘Fire’.

Stream/ Download: ‘Fire’

Speaking on the inspiration for ‘Fire’, lead vocalist Jessica Ford opens up about losing herself in the tangle of love and the sweet bliss of seduction. Caught in its web, she would race to meet her lover, beginning their adventure right where they left off: “‘Fire’ is about a historical relationship with the deepest desire, a fire that could not be put out. I would drive to the East Side, blinded by love. Nothing else mattered. We used to take limo rides and rendezvous to see each other. It was a seductive, romantic time that started the hottest fire. We knew we couldn’t be together back then as we were “just kids playing truth or dare”, games in love.”

Listening to the track, it’s easy to imagine what the experience must have been like for her. In all likelihood, it was a hot-and-bothered paradise, which like most fast-growing romances, was bound to end.  Now, looking back, she recalls its intensity which she likens to the lighting of a flame. The memory is forever crystallized as ‘Fire’.