The visionary singer-songwriter ena mori breaks free from pop norms in the new music video for her recently-released single ‘SOS’. The video is the last of three, crowning her previously released singles ‘OH, BLEEDING HEARTS’ and ‘VIVID’. The first two begin in a room covered in emerald green floral wallpaper, but the third is different; ena is trapped in a white cell and signalling for help.

Stream/ Download: ‘SOS’

Playful, climactic, and all-around colourful, this surreal single is a deep dive into the emotional turmoil of feeling lonely and confused. Moments of obscurity flash across the screen as a joyful and exuberant ena mori dances around, signing the letters ‘SOS’. The video is as lovable as the plush octopus that serves as her only company.

The track itself is uplifting and warm, bringing to mind images of a youth dancing around their bedroom and singing into a hairbrush microphone. Metallic basslines descend and a siren sample blares. Vintage as vinyl, the track is a crisp collection of infectious claps and a subtle topping of arpeggiated synths.

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