Image credit: Bella Lieberberg

With an unexpected and nostalgic sound, Klangkarussell release their latest single ‘Calling Out Your Name’, which features lyrics that highlight the syrupy sweetness of new romances and young love. Featuring Swedish alt-rock band Mando Diao, this Bias Beach Records single perfectly captures the innocence of romantic relationships and the optimism we feel when we meet someone new. This song also leaves one feeling in need of that classic 2000s rom-com summer fling. A unique project for the duo, the release leans itself toward the energy of One Direction and Imagine Dragons as the duo makes their mark in the indie-pop scene. 

Stream/ download: ‘Calling Out Your Name (feat. Mando Diao)’

Elaborating on this new sound, Jens Siverstedt of Mando Diao tells us: “I remember when Björn and I got down to Berlin and rented an apartment and there was a piano. Spring was in the air, we sat by the piano and the chorus landed on us. Day after we met up with the beautiful lads and friends Adrian and Tobias from Klangkarussell in their studio to produce and finish the track”

This is the perfect soundtrack for a drive down a tree-lined street as you feel the warm breeze swirl through the car. Cool and sweet, this single is more refreshing than an ice-cold lemonade on a summer’s day. 

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