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Like standing in a lush field of flowers, you can’t help yourself from breathing in their fragrant scents and admiring the natural beauty. Listening to KARMACODA’s latest tranquil single ‘Fly By’, one can also admire the calming mood and beauty that this latest offering embodies. Last year we saw a dark pop aspect in the band’s sound with their single ‘Traps’ which speaks on the emotional ramifications that result when remaining in a toxic relationship (read our previous feature).  We are pleasantly surprised by the emotional shift we see in this latest song with its groove-laden textures. 

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Singer Jessica Ford elaborates on the meaning of this latest gem: ‘Fly By’ “Our latest single is about ending a relationship and washing your hands clean of it, without regret or remorse. Knowing it’s over and cutting the tie with peace in your heart and mind. Putting wings on it and watching it fly off into the universe never to be tested or tried again. It’s over. Without tears, you exhale, smile and release it into the world and “let it go”. You’ve done all you can. You’ve had the break up’s, you’ve had the “try agains”, you’ve done the get back togethers. No more. You are ready to set it free and watch it ‘Fly By’”

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Released via Sola Musa Music, ‘Fly By’ is the perfect celebratory and feel-good track to shake off the blues from a chapter that needed to be closed for your own sanity. Just like the seasons changing, we also do and KARMACODA highlights this with this liberating track.