A picturesque snowed-up cabin and quiet forest grounds are the backdrops of the latest music video ‘Look Through’ by Firewoodisland & The Satellite Station. A song about breaking barriers and losing your mind a little bit at the stumbling blocks that go along with it, our hearts are filled with comfort with the words and official heartwarming music video.

Stream / Download: ‘Look Through’

The video features the musicians as they nurture an emotional connection with each other despite being located in other parts of the world. We can see a lot of hard work and technique had to be put into creating this music video, and we have no doubts that the artists formed an emotional bond through this experience which was unlike any other they have tried before artistically.

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The Satellite Station shares the experience of creating this unique music video: “Stian and Abi’s enthusiasm and encouragement definitely pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and really jump into shooting the video. It felt overwhelming and impossible at times, but Stian and Abi were there to help me through every challenge. Writing, filming and editing a video of this scale would have been a challenge if we were doing it in person. The fact we were able to pull this off from opposite sides of the world is truly incredible. This also would not have been possible without some great friends and my wife who filmed every scene on our end, including going out into the forest in the extreme cold for hours to film the intro scenes. It was much colder than it looked.”

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