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The Nashville-based 21-year-old, nickname jos (aka Josef Kuhn) has shared his new single, SORE” which is out now via Acrophase Records (PWNT, Tuff Bear, Ginger Root).

Jos writes, records, and produces all of his own music finding a sound not too dissimilar to the likes of Porches, BROCKHAMPTON, Glaive, etc. This single will be a standalone track that follows last year’s double single, “HOT WHEELS/TERMS” (tipped at Ones To Watch and Early Rising) further demonstrating his grasp of bedroom-pop/hip-hop. Jos represents a new era in music, one full of acts that can do it all while building a solid following on Instagram and Tik Tok. This latest release further shows Jos’ firm grasp of songwriting and production while hinting towards a larger body of work set for release later this year.

Listen to ‘SORE’ HERE

Speaking about the new single, Kuhn says: “‘SORE’ is a song that deals with coping with past events in your life. I wrote it when I was feeling a lot of weight from things that happened to me, even years ago, that I couldn’t seem to shake off. ‘SORE’ stands as something I’ve made that helps me focus on the present while acknowledging that I don’t have to bear any more weight on my shoulders other than what today offers.”

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