Image credit: Ryan Blackwell & Nastassia Winge – Beyond Photography

Singer Ilja Alexander has returned with his latest EP Nature. The Green Monk Records release features five vibrant tracks that are all unique production-wise, but also remain interconnected emotionally. ‘Someday’ opens the EP on a flirty and warm tone, as Ilja sings about the prospects of building a future with his love interest. Light acoustic production and laidback electronics already insinuate the tone of this album. 

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A subtle guitar haze sprinkles throughout the EP title track ‘Nature’, which definitely gives a psychedelic infused edge amidst the dream-pop core. A song that dwells on the preciousness of life and relationships, one can get lost in its overall glow that dwells on new beginnings.

The final track ‘Butterfly’ finishes the EP on a bittersweet note, as the musician deals with his demons but also has to move on from a love that could never be. Orchestral-esque textures throughout make one’s heart skip a beat with its romantic and heartwrenching tone. Overall this album succeeds with dream-pop elements throughout and engages with multi-faceted lyrics that tell a story about love and loss.

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