Berlin songstress ANIQO ponders the concept of reincarnation with her latest single, ‘Vivre Libre’ and takes us along for the ride. The single firmly within the inspiring category – think reinvention, reawaking and renew all with delicate retro touches. The singer regularly works with bandmates Torsten Füchsel (aka Pegman) and keyboardist Illia Vovk and has shared her appreciation for their work on her Instagram feed. Also highlighted is Joe Cardamone who is also responsible for producing ANIQO’s two songs, ‘The Sea’ and ‘Go on’ which both appear on her upcoming LP BIRTH, slated for release on the 18th of March.

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The artist gives us an idea of what to expect in the future: “‘Vivre Libre’ is the opening song on my upcoming album BIRTH, but at the same time and metaphorically it is also the end. The single sums up what BIRTH is about – the emergence from darkness, inner and outer struggles – it’s about resurrection in every sense of the word – the rising up, the goal in sight. Imagine you have been drifting on the ocean for years, almost drowning, without strength. This moment when you see land again – that is VIVRE LIBRE and the knowledge that you can make it, that you can do anything, that you are free.”

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The single takes the listener down to the ocean shoreline to cast their eye out across the horizon and imagine the endless possibilities life can hold. ‘Vivre Libre’ is a ray of hope when so desperately needed, with the artist even sending the Paypal proceeds to the single to a relief fund for Ukraine.

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Image credit: Matthias Pfeiffer