Image credit: Bella Lieberberg

Picture your life flashing before your eyes as you are with your special someone, your safe space and light at the end of the tunnel. Although we all want to save our loved ones from rocky seas, in some cases one doesn’t have control over that. All we can do is support one another, electronic duo Klangkarussell display this narrative with the music video for their song ‘Home’.

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Since its release, the video has received over 3 million views which it 100 percent deserves. Filled with suspense and engaging electronic textures one is absorbed from the initial seconds to the concluding dramatic end. The gripping visuals are directed by award-winning creative Rupert Höller. 

The concept of romantic storylines aren’t everyone’s cup of tea with its sometimes cheesy sentimentality, but Klangkarussell makes an epic 4-minute storyline with this offering. One is guaranteed to be sitting on the edge of their seat as you wait to see what becomes of these two individuals.

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