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Overcast skies can put a gloomy layer on the day for those who were anticipating sunshine. After the disappointment has settled, I’m sure we can all say we can find peaceful moments where we become captivated by varied hues of grey in the sky. When we become still and allow our minds to accept change with grace, we find joy in the most unexpected places. Downtempo pop band GIVVEN have shared their latest single ‘Losing Colours’, filled with emotionally charged depth lyrically and production-wise, one cannot help but be mesmerized by its beauty.

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Released via Bias Beach Records, the band share: “We’re incredibly proud of ‘Losing Colours’. From the writing to production, it all took months to dial in and get perfect but we think you can really feel the time and love we put into this one when you listen to the track. Every little detail in lyrics and melody and sound design was meticulously thought out and dialled in. For the vocal production, I was inspired by a song called “Stories” by “Refs” and how they automated the formant shifting of their vocals in the second verse. I thought that was such a cool way to play with vocal delivery so I took the concept and built on it a little and brought that to the verses of ‘Losing Colours’ to give the vocals a new way to twist and turn and kind of keep the listener off-balance.”

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Lots of elements have come into play with the creation of this work, especially when the band have shared this track took a month to create – clearly a labour of love for the music. GIVVEN should definitely be proud of this track, they have fused pop and experimental electronics into one emotionally poignant and detail-oriented track. GIVVEN proves that all the beauty can be found in the smaller details.

Losing Colours EP Tracklist:

1. Taking On Water

2. Losing Colours

3. Doubts

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