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Emotive indie rocker Ro Bergman has shared his stunning EP Hi-Lo. Let’s just say that your heart and mind will not be prepared for the wave of emotion that will ride over you when absorbing his latest work. Released today via Bergman Music, this EP will touch the coldest of hearts with its warm electronics and heartfelt lyrics that will speak to the soul in a matter of seconds. Inspired by emotionally charged acts like The Verve and Bon Iver, this would be no surprise to Ro Bergman’s listeners who have heard his previous offerings.

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In an interview with Indie Music, the musician commented about the featured EP track ‘Wake’: “I dreamt parts of the lyrics. When I said I was “hungry for living”, I meant that at that time I was longing for more enjoyment and intensity in my life.” The singer definitely sounds more hungry for life in this EP, and we are in awe with every minute.

This Austrian musician wrote and composed this truthful and sentimental EP, along with producers Niko Stössl who is known for their work with musical icon Dave Gahan and  Zebo Adam who has worked alongside Bilderbuch. The future looks brighter after listening to this EP, and we wait in anticipation for what Ro Bergman shares with us next. 

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