It takes a lot of guts for someone to break away from what is usually expected of them, whether this is accommodating your lover’s cries or bosses demands. Sometimes one can feel they have no choice but to fall in line with the situation instead of following their heart. Singer Maria Domark has climbed out of the plastic bubble she felt trapped in and is claiming her own space this year with her debut EP Flawless, which features the remarkable track ‘Haunted’ via P.O.F. CORP. 

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Talking about how this Flawless EP has changed her view on society with Sound Lab, Maria Domark shared: “It made me realize that when you listen to yourself and do what feels right, the results are very satisfying to the spirit. And this was the first time I truly committed to art. This was also my first time writing songs on my own, and I got to know how much my songs tell me the way I feel when I don’t even know it yet. I feel like a different person now than I did two years ago. I think I’ve grown a lot mentally, and feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time ever.”

‘Haunted’ featured on the Spotify playlist POP_GRØUND

‘Haunted’ stings your soul with its bitter honesty, Maria’s angelic vocals soften the blow of the intense lyrical intent. Focusing on a musical career, and leaving her former self behind, Maria Domark is an inspiration to all those who feel put down and told they cannot follow their dreams. This future-pop talent shares empowering anthems for all, and she is nailing it by resonating with other bruised and restorative souls.

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