Prolific alternative pop singer-songwriter Benj Heard released a new single “I Sold Your Ring To Buy A Microphone”. A frequent collaborator with the likes of Timbaland, David Guetta and Colbie Calait, his new single is the perfect track to end the summer with. The song is exemplary of Heard’s signature heartfelt but tongue-in-cheek style of songwriting, a perfectly crafted 3:19 of pop that poses the eternal question “am I better off alone?”

Stream: ‘I Sold Your Ring To Buy A Microphone

Stylistically, “I Sold Your Ring To Buy A Microphone” could best be described as eclectic alt pop by way of Justin Timberlake, The Carpenters and Nat King Cole. There is a bossa nova rhythmic sensibility to the song (ala’ “Girl From Ipanema”) mixed seamlessly with a radio friendly hip-hop-meets-pop vocal performance; all wrapped in a dreamy, sun drenched veneer. The video (to be released on September 8th) is a raucous, self-produced piece shot entirely on an iPhone. You can view the teaser here.

Heard began working on the track with talented songwriter Lauren Christy (Avril Lavigne, Dua Lipa, David Bowie) in late 2019, completing the song in March 2021 with an additional verse by Nashville based rapper Shy Carter.  

On the themes of the song, Heard has this to say- 

“It’s actually based on a true story. It’s about a relationship I was in a number of years ago. It wasn’t all bad, but I felt like I always had to be on my best behavior and had to change who I was to make her happy. For a fleeting moment, I really thought I could make it work long term, and mustered the courage to order a ring. I had IMMEDIATE buyer’s remorse. When I went to pick it up, I was so depressed about what I had done that the sales lady was worried about me and was asking if I was ok. I hid the ring away and realized that I needed to call the whole thing off. I didn’t pop the question, and never even told her I had a ring. After we broke up, I was getting ready to go on tour and needed to buy a wireless microphone. I was thinking about what gear I could sell so I could afford the mic, and I realized I still had the ring. I put the ring on Craigslist and commenced microphone shopping. I realized that this literal trading of a ring for a microphone represented a lot of decisions in my life, big and small. To me, it was really about having the courage to leave the safety and consistency of that relationship to follow what I feel I was meant to do and be who I was meant to be. Safety is overrated.”

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