Image credit: Eliot Hazel

Adventure is at every corner in Olovson’s latest music video ‘Gyroscope’, which follows the cute narrative of an inquisitive young boy that explores the attic and finds treasures within an old trunk. The music video is directed and animated by Gabriel Böhmer, who is also the maker of Olovson’s video for ‘Books Are Flying’. This is the second release since Jacob Olofsson a.k.a. Olovson embarked on this solo project to explore his creativity. He is famously known for co-producing the Dua Lipa & Silk City song ‘Electricity’ and writing Camila Cabello’s song ‘Never Be the Same’. 

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Previously featured on RCRD LBL with the ‘Books Are Flying’ video, they commented: “…it’s every minimalist aesthetic lover’s wildest dream. Directed by animator Gabriel Böhmer, the ‘Books Are Flying’ video plays around with black and white, depth perception and basic shapes to create an unreal visual experience for anyone who watches this work of perceptive art and craftsmanship.”

This latest video for ‘Gyroscope’ introduces a more colourful world, unlike its predecessor which plays around with depth and contrasting colours. It’s hard to follow a linear storyline, as many concepts are introduced into the span of the duration of the video. Nonetheless, it is an engrossing watch throughout and you will probably need to rewatch it a couple of times to interpret its subtle messages.

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