Dreams play out with Jon Doe’s latest music video ‘In My Dreams’ via Odd Grove Records. The song is inspired by the multi-instrumentalist and songwriters dream about their ideal partner, and waking up to realize that ideal partner does not exist in his reality. This made the artist go on a creative spree to capture this person before they were lost in his mind for good. Jon Doe is a self-taught artist that wants to share his thoughts on matters of the heart with the world and began this journey by unveiling his heartfelt debut, EP Summer Fling last year.

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Jon Doe has cited an array of indie acts as his inspirations for music production; Dominic Fike, The Neighbourhood and Tame Impala. His undeniably honest and heart-wrenching lyrical content makes room for this act to sparkle. Jon Doe is an anthemic master with his latest offering ‘In My Dreams’ which in essence captures the heartbreak the singer felt after he had to accept that his lover is not real. Something about the playful guitar and beat intro hooks one to believe this in fact just another slick indie anthem.

Alas, one cannot help but sing along with the radiant instrumental fusion that is evident on this track. This latest video clears things up for lovers of the track. We are given your typical boys meets girl storyline with a twist that many may not see coming even if it was staring you in the face the whole time. Check it out for yourself below.

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