Image credit: Fabian Fjeldvik

Rebellious Norwegian star Hanne Mjøen is sharing her latest single, accompanied by a lyric video, today via Physical Presents. Both the single and video provide a stark portrayal of depression and mental health issues in a relatable manner, opening up a much-needed conversation between the artist and the industry. On one hand, the artist is pushed to make a certain type of music: vibrant and catchy that fans will relate to. On the other hand, the artist must always be honest and accessible, at the call of the public and responding perfectly each time.

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However, ‘Too Tired (Don’t Feel A Thing)’ is an honest portrayal of the artist’s mindset, as she unashamedly displays her own struggles in her heartfelt song. The lyric video is simple and eloquent, allowing the viewer to focus on the lyrics. Between her latest single and the previously released ‘Hell With You’, Hanne Mjøen has deftly caught our attention. We’ll be keeping a keen eye on the artist and her upcoming releases. 

Speaking of the single, Hanne Mjøen tells us:  “I created the song to reflect the feeling of being exhausted after a fight, regretting what you said, and reflecting if we work being more than friends. It’s about shutting down when you feel too much, and making yourself go numb, cause you’re too tired to feel anything, and too broken to let someone in on it. When watching the other person cry doesn’t make you sad anymore, cause you’re in a state of mind where nothing affects you.”

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