In search of an electro-pop gem that will make you feel inspired by its mystical enthusiasm? Look no further than the latest song ‘Sophie’ from electronic duo TGC. This magical single brings light and joy that diverts from the dark haze the past year has draped over us all. This track serves as a new chapter for us, somewhat like we are turning the page on 2020. This is the song we need that opens the window to new joy and possibilities ahead.

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If you have listened to this track one too many times in search of dopamine rush yet again, do not fret as TGC have announced that they will be releasing an album called Parallels via Illuminated City on the 8th of July. The duo consists of Marlow Bevan & Milla Fay Sunde, who have been making transcending electropop for the past decade. Clearly making a more than adequate impression in the music world, the duo were considered for Grammy Award nominations in recent times. With a sound that is both uplifting and acclaimed  – what more could you ask for your next electro-pop playlist addition.

Milla previously shared her appreciation towards TGC’s devoted fan base, just ahead of the album release, which has been years in the making: “We know it’s a noisy world out there and we’re humbled you choose to visit our little corner from time to time. Excited to share new music with you! Milla ”

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